Fireworks for Wedding Celebrations and Cake Cuttings

Sales of fireworks for weddings, choose the best pyrotechnic show for your wedding and the finest special effects for your cake cutting.

Fireworks for weddings

Make your wedding day special thanks to our pyrotechnic shows which are suitable for all your needs. Amaze your guests with a spectacular firework display in the sky, making the day of your wedding unique and unforgettable.

The fireworks for weddings that we propose are suitable for any location:



Fireworks for weddings with a pyrotechnic show held in the garden of an 18th century villa.



Fireworks for weddings, while walking among the fountains of the villa.


Special effects for the cake cutting

For the moment of the cake cutting, we offer a package of pyrotechnic fountains:
You can create beautiful choreography that will make your wedding even more stunning and special.

The use of our pyrotechnic fountains for weddings create the least amount of disturbance to people and animals, and they are also usable in venues where no other fireworks are permitted.

Bright Wedding Fountains



Fireworks for the cake cutting



Fireworks for the cake cutting



Fire special effects for weddings



Special effect for weddings: Double Heart Fountain



All our fireworks are certified CE and meet all current European standards.


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